Humans continue to be involved along the way either as a result of pre-creating or publish-editing. It's impossible that your personal computer can always be capable to translate languages the approach a homo could due to the fact language employs metaphor/image to share a particular meaning. Translating is more than merely looking in place a number of words within a dictionary. An excellent translation takes a thorough familiarity with both the cause language and also the target terminology. 

Productive translation is definitely indicative regarding how carefully it existence up to the expectations while: reproducing just as for as it can be the specification of the source text,making use of natural sorts of the sensory receptor/target vocabulary in such a way as is correct to the kind of text becoming translated and expressing every of this is closely along with readily easy to understand to the particular intended market/reader.From a technical perspective, translation can be a process to abstract this is of a text from the current sorts and reproduce that this means in variations of one more language. Interlingual rendition has now been recognized as an independent field regarding study. The particular translator goes for to are the focal element in the strategy of translation. The particular writer/generator becomes the centre, for whatever he writes is going to be final, and no two translators transform a wording in the same way. It is actually genegally considered that a author to be aware of intricacies from the TL where he may wish to translate. In point of fact, it isn't the writer in the SL textual matter who requires someone to help translate his or her works into your TL; it truly is primarily a persons vision of anyone translator that prompts him or her to transform a operate into their mother clapper. A profitable translator just isn't a mechanically skillful translator of your text although is creative as very well. We may say that he's a co-creator from the TL textual matter. .

In actuality, for the translator information about two and up languages is important. This will involve not a working familiarity with two different languages but additionally the knowledge of two linguistic systems as also their own literature and also culture.Such translators result to have got various characteristics which we all shall in brief discuss in the future.

Choosing a right translator is one of the most important thing for foreigners who just experienced their first business travel in China. So here goes my personal experiences so as to get you out of there. 

I heard a news that a foreign guy, who is the first time to arrive Beijing and got "hijacked" by a taxi driver. Why? Because he was alone at that time. So the driver asked him to pay 2 200 yuan, which is a big money in China for TAXI!!!

Lesson Learned: Before you come to China, you really need a qualified Chinese translator. Come to and ask for enquiry for that.

Thursday, 28 November 2013 14:57

Why Do You Have To Learn Chinese


I teach a class, of which students come from more than a dozen countries. At the very first day of school , they initially asked why learning Chinese , the answer is manifold.
    " China wanted to travel ."
    " Need to find a job ."
    "I hope to find a Chinese woman to marry ."
    " Brokenhearted , another place blankly ."
    " China is very important ."
    "My husband is working in Beijing , I can not stay home every day , have to find something to do to pass the time ."
    "The results of my father persuaded , and tuition he gave ."
    " Just like ."
    "I am Chinese, not English how justified ? "
    "I never wanted to learn Chinese , is that one day the company boss made ​​the decision ."
    " I have always loved to draw and sing ...... "
    "To be a Chinese translator."
American boys last words are said , we are wondering what he meant, he immediately explained : . " In my opinion, every word in Chinese is a painting, every sentence is a piece of music ."
 I went on to say : "Well, regardless of the students initially for whatever reason decided to learn Chinese , will please you cherish this choice because it really is a great choice for now everyone is talking about China 's economy. off , everyone has seen in this culture, customs , ideology, social structure an unprecedented change in the world's largest population and the long history of the country is undergoing . Not only is the economy , this change also involves both and all aspects of human hearts . China can be said to have become the largest in the history of mankind Proving Ground As Chinese people twenty years ago no one could imagine that China would become what it is today , and today no one can imagine two Chinese people after ten years China will become what while you, each and every student here , will become a witness of this great transformation and witnesses , and it is due to master the Chinese language , you will be a more closely and more direct way to witness and witnessed this transformation , even in their own little power to promote this transformation , becoming a part of this revolution . do not you think this is a very exciting right ? anyway, I have so learning Chinese is really a very lucky choice for you excited ! . "
I finally said : "Many people think that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world , and indeed so lucky and are often difficult coexistence , however, the Chinese will not only means to you is a communicative tool . it also opened a window into the unknown , a road to the future , so please you like a dream to learn Chinese, like adventure , like to learn Chinese, like love , like to learn English now! now please open the book, turn to the first page. "
Sunday, 17 November 2013 00:30

Literature Is The Language Of The Art

Literature is the language of the arts ( literature is formed by the language group structure , pioneering silent realm ) is often an important cultural manifestations in different forms ( called genre ) performance of the heart and reproducing a certain period , certain local social life. The Chinese literature translation service is fully provided by .
As well as publishing and educational advancement of the comprehensive development of society has lost its monopoly position to become a mass culture . Produce the so-called serious literature and popular literature or popular literature of the points.
Chinese classical literature into poetry and culture , culture is divided into verse and prose , modern generally divided into: poetry, prose, fiction , drama , and is called the four literary genres ; Chinese lyrical poetry and prose ( called classical ) first and more developed. Western poetry and prose is divided into two basic types. Mature earlier narrative poetry and drama , in addition to the novel more developed.
Novel is a virtual world for the content of the comprehensive literary form . Traditionally, in prose as the main body . Chuang Tzu : decorated novels dry magistrate. China in the modern sense of the novel, from the pre-Qin prose marked the beginning of the fable , after Han Dynasties notes, words were intended to Tang legend Song vernacular and mature, and then spread to the Ming and Qing novels represented four Masterpieces and as the representative of short stories in Strange . Western novels called fiction, is known prose epic. Myths and legends on the next novel , as the emerging literary form . Because of its huge capacity , profoundly and comprehensively reflect the reality of people's minds , to become the future mainstream of modern literary forms.
Translation industry recognized the translation of literary works is the hardest . Language interpreters to have a solid foundation and skillful ability to control the text , but also to have creative thinking , can the source language of art and literature and ideas vivid image reproduction in the target language .
Saturday, 16 November 2013 02:31

Correct Translation Can express Author's Ideas

I would like to cite Ortega y Gasset again. He says that the "theologist Schleiermacher, in his essay 'On different methods of translating' states that the version is a movement that can be tried in two opposite directions: either the author is brought to the reader's language or the reader is taken to the author's language." According to Ortega y Gasset, "only when we pull the reader out of his linguistic habits and force him to move within those of the author, there exists real translation:" According to him only one translation of Plato's work is really faithful, and that is precisely Schleiermacher's, "because he deliberately renounced to produce a translation that is beautiful ...", but instead kept all elements that conform the platonic style to render a truthful version. Therefore, translation must be complete and as exact and faithful as possible, even if it sounds ugly.

Undoubtedly Ortega y Gasset's statement that a translation must mainly be complete and correct, but necessarily ugly because it pretends to take the reader to the author's language, remains more or less valid to this day when dealing with translations of ancient Greek and Roman authors, just as it is true for scientific and technical texts that have to be accurate, but don't need to be beautiful. In translations of classical Greek and Roman authors, a geographical and temporal transmigration occurs because the reader must go far back in time and imagine the environment and culture of those peoples to understand their life and undertakings. They are very far removed from our present life and endeavors, which makes our comprehension somewhat difficult.

However, a translation must not necessarily be ugly from the literary point of view as it would have to be if done in the direction of the movement Schleiermacher wants to give it. On the contrary, it is possible to produce correct Chinese translation that also shows great beauty in expressing the author's ideas with utmost faithfulness and, at the same time, to adapt them in their form to the "target language".

Friday, 15 November 2013 15:05

To further promote Chinese language teaching

To further promote Chinese language teaching, expand the scale teaching, dissemination of Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute at the University of Dar es Salaam, the opening ceremony was held one month after the end of the first "Chinese Day" activities. The event at the Embassy and the hole for the president, co-operation of teachers held smoothly. 
On the day, six red and yellow and the road on both sides of the flags fluttering in the wind in the footsteps of the people attracted to the Yombo Theatre 4, we stopped to watch curiously Liu and four Chinese martial arts instructor performing fist, tai chi, Sanda and so on. 
Confucius Institute Zhang Xiaozhen first welcomed the arrival of everyone, and highlights the traditional Chinese food culture. The "Chinese Day" activities include Chinese martial arts, Chinese experience lessons, Chinese calligraphy, crosswords, dumplings, Chinese trailers and Chinese movies. Finally Experiencing Chinese Premier Chang hope everyone happy, enjoy Chinese cuisine, experience Chinese culture. 
Chinese experience class, Yan teacher with chopsticks use, through entertaining, so that students quickly mastered the digital 1-20 Chinese saying. Crosswords and calligraphy exercises allow students to feel the magic of the Chinese language. Dumplings activities allow students to truly experience the Chinese specialty food production process, after tasting, can not help but "VERY GOOD!" Sighs. Love martial arts students learn through more than half a day, to show their learning outcomes, all kinds of martial arts, the winners also received prizes. Movie "in the embarrassing way," so that the audience understands the contemporary lives of ordinary Chinese people.
Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:34

Chinese Language Is Widely Learned in Finland

In Finland, those who has business affairs can certainly speak Chinese...


According to the Finnish Embassy's data, there are more than 7,000 Chinese people living in Finland, of whom, students count 2,000 people.  "Every Chinese student there is a cultural communicator and almost everyone in Finland are intended to learn Chinese.

China is a magic country with amazing long history, the old Chinese people crafted so many extraordinary things in that age.

What's more important, Chinese translation agency plays a very important role in communication between China and Finland., as a professional Chinese translation agency, has finally finished helping the localization for Apple Inc. in China.

As is known to us all, that Apple is very excellent in marketing. Since its staffs speak English, how did it make the big difference overseas, say Chinese market? The answer is quite easy - Chinese localization.

Nowadays, in China, you can easily find out that almost everybody in Beijing subway is using Apple. That's really amazing for a company as since Microsoft, Apple is the second but the most popular American company, which has the great impact on Chinese people's daily life.

From the phenomenon in China, you can surely realize the great and boundless opportunity there and also have figured out the power of Chinese localization. Actually, Chinese localization needs those who master English and Chinese very well, in the meanwhile, the skills for computer is indeed required. 

Okaylingo provides professional, accurate and Chinese-oriented localization solution for American business.

Maybe you want to pay a visit to Beijing, while, before you get started, you should bear in mind that there are three places in Beijing that you have to go - Highly recommended!

Place One, Tiananmen square - this is the biggest square in Asia. Every morning you can see the honor guard there, it's really amazing. As for the building, it is 66m long, 32m high and 37m wide. The gate has unique imperial roof decorations, which is like the official buildings of this empire. Because of the gate's position, which is at the front of the entire city, so this gate is very significance.

Place Two, Summer Palace - officially named the Garden of Nurtured Harmony, has many lakes and buildings in the old days. There are many foreign visitors there in Summer as it's the right time to pay a visit to Beijing at that time.

Place Three, Beijing Hutong - which has a very long history. Originally, in the old days, many beijingers were once living there and formed the Hutong culture. If you were in Beijing, you will be lucky if you have a close look here. That's reason why I highly recommend you having a special meal there, and I bet, this would be the best and first experience you never ever had before.

If you need any Chinese translation service or specific Chinese culture consult, please feel free to contact us by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

chinese-translation-industryThere are a lot of guys holding the mind that to do the Chinese translation or be a Chinese translator is a piece of cake; while truth be told, that they are wrong.

Today, Okaylingo, the professional Chinese translation agency, would like to throw light on this matter:

First off, those who master English very well may not be capable of being competent Chinese translators. As for the translation, is referring that translate from source language to target language, this transformation is magic and not doomed to be understood deeply by everyone.

Second, comparing to exact accuracy, to make the translated language understood by customers with correct meaning counts more. What does mean? This means, if you translate just word by word, you will definitely lose the juice that the source language has and you will make your target language hard to understand or reed.

Third, translation needs passion and hard work. Somebody says " I feel easily equal to be a Chinese translator as I speak English very well", as for this situation, I guarantee that this guy may not be a Chinese translator as the translation also requires excellent Chinese language. Only by this way will Okaylingo guarantee the translation quality.

All in all, Chinese translation at can be fully provided to meet your needs.